Anti Bullying Campaigner

Professional Fighter


Campaign Manager

Olympic bronze medallist Barcelona 1992 , 3 x super middleweight champion of world WBC, IBO & WBF

Matthew Ralphs


Passionate about connecting business within there community promoting them in positive manner and benefiting schools.

Gill Arnott

Head of Research

I have a passion for supporting the growth of businesses through my knowledge and skills of Marketing and Media.

Graham Campbell

Head of Printing

Proud that we are responsible for shipping over a million booklets throughout the UK free to schools through great local companies.

Sophie Mcdonagh

Sales Agent

Passionate about working at The Safety Guide Foundation and liaising with fantastic companies around the country.

Ashleigh Lewis

Sales Accounts Agent

Making sure our clients are happy is paramount to the growth of the business and satisfaction of the people involved

Kayla Heaton

Compliance Agent

Having come through the Tameside yes scheme and I have been with company for over 2 years and love speaking to the companies that make it all possible

Mike Barber

Head of IT

Developing apps and games for the educational sector and creating innovative ways for customers to benefit from their experience.