We educate on the dangers and the consequences…”

Manchester based child safety resource; The Safety Guide Foundation appeared on BBC North-West last week in a bid to help tackle the ‘national crisis’ of knife crime in disadvantaged areas across the country.

The country’s most dedicated safety information provider appeared on the news after police figures showed that knife crime is rising at a rapid rate outside of London.

Professional boxer and ambassador of the Community Interest Cause, Stuart Maddox told the BBC that it’s difficult to stop young people getting involved with knives.

“We educate on the dangers and the consequences of what happens to not only them but the victims’ families.”

“Knife crime is on the rise again, especially within the vulnerable within our community which is why it’s important to show young people that there is another way”.

Did you know that the number of knife crime offences has risen by two-thirds since 2014?

The Safety Guide Foundation is dedicated to providing school children, educators and parents with information needed to keep young and vulnerable youngsters safe, happy and healthy.

The BBC appearance is one of many national appearances the group has made in a bid to spread awareness of knife crime across the country having recently been on Hits Radio.

Maddox continued, “It is important that we schools work closely with parents and organisations such as SGF to help ensure that the community as a whole are protecting young people from getting themselves into compromising or dangerous situations.”

“As long as young people are being harmed and lives are being ruined by knife crime, we will continue our work to educate and inspire disadvantaged communities.”

Material from The Children’s Safety Guide Foundation can be found in educational establishments up and down the UK, online and at talks and events at within local communities.

Take a look at the appearence below.